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We, as fruits of our good deeds amassed in our earlier births, are now destined to create a web site on Thirumanthiram such as this which we are proud to dedicate to the Great Souls, otherwise called as our "Gurunathars" namely Thirupperunthiru Somasundara Paramacharya Swamikal and Arulmozhi Arasu Thirumuruga Krupananda Variyar Swamikal


Swamikal, a Pontiff of Madhurai Gnanasambandhar Monastery, as he was, 291st in lineage, after leaving his material body, still holds sway in the hearts of so many of his disciples and is directing them in their pains and pleasures from the spiritual world through selected media on earth, taking them to right pathway leading upto the Almighty.

He, while he was in flesh and blood, was mentor for thousands of his devotees and was widely known for his special acumen for methods of contacting the spirits, especially Holy Spirits and bring to earth their Messages. He wrote many books on this. He was all along an ardent Saiva Siddhanthi and chose to preach and propagate it through an organisation called "Thiruvarul Thavaneri Mandram" to which he was the President. Arulmozhi Arasu Thirumuruga Krupananda Variyar Swamikal, another great Tamil Savant, added glory to this organisation as secretary.

Casting off his body, as Snake would its skin, Swamikal does not rest at that but continues to give directions to us from the spiritual world and that is how this web site has been created on his dictates.

Swamikal has been very much obsessed with Thirumanthiram and its traditions. Under his guidance only, we, as true disciples, have hitherto conducted ten Thirumanthiram Conferences locally in Chennai. In the latest tenth such conference only, Swamikal intuitively gave his command to us to create a web site on Thirumanthiram and thus we are here


The fame and name of Variyar Swamikal is such that no one in Saiva world can ever skip mention of Variyar Swamikal in one kind or other in any work or gathering relating to Saiva Faith. His contribution to Saiva religion was so much that, without any exaggeration, he can be alluded to as an epoch in the long and everlasting Saiva culture. Great thing about him was, even as not knowing any other language but Tamil and Sanskrit, he had travelled widely all over the world and was greeted with exhilarating welcome wherever he visited. He had the art of speech of his own to his credit that is ever memorable as ambrosia.

He only was instrumental in making Thirupperumdiru Somasundara Swamikal as a Pontiff of Madhurai Gnanasambandhar Monastery, bringing him from Srilanka as having renounced all his pleasures and properties.

Variyar Swamikal, as he is generally called by people, has initiated, or say, baptized Thiru M.P. Sathiyavel Murugan who is related to him as well.

It is with blessings of Variyar Swamikal and Thirupperumdiru Somasundara Swamikal only Thiru. M.P. Sathiyavel Muruganar, the king pin of our web site has come to be an acclaimed, research oriented and successful Saiva Siddhantha speech-maker.



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